About The 3Bikers Club Of Jawa And Yezdi Chandigarh

In May 2010 three owners and admirers of Yezdi bike got together by the efforts of Deep Sharma . Deep happened to notice Harshvir’s email on a nationwide Yezdi and Jawa owners Yahoo group . Harshvir has been a member of the group for several years. Deep and Harshvir got together and were joined by Shergill who has been a great bike and jeep enthusiast and has gone on many adventure trips. Deep himself owns not only a Yezdi but a Royal Enfield and a Lambretta

All three met over coffee and discussed the idea of starting a Yezdi and Jawa club of Chandigarh covering not only Chandigarh but surrounding towns and cities of the City Beautiful.

With three Yezdi enthusiasts getting together the name 3bikers Jawa and Yezdi club came naturally from Shergill and the domain name for the club www.3bikers.in was booked immediately thereafter.Then started the challenging task of reaching out to other Yezdi and Jawa owners/lovers for their first meeting on June 26 2010.

Founders Of The 3Bikers Club Of Jawa And Yezdi Chandigarh

Deep Sharma          Harpreet Shergill         Harshvir Singh