Media Article On International Jawa Day By The Tribune

Title: Wheel Of Fortune               Date : JULY 12 , 2010               Author :Jasmine Singh

Of course there are many practical and emotional reasons to explain why old is gold. The razzmatazz remix music is no match to the soulful strings woven by Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammad Rafi. The moderate spirits are nothing in front of the taste of an old bottle of wine left to age for years, and the of course how can you compare the open spaces to the choc-o-bloc concrete jungle around us. To some extent it justifies why Harpreet Singh Shergill, Navdeep Sharma and Harshveer Singh cannot stop raving about the old charm of their Jawa Bikes. The passion for the old bikes leads to the life long affinity and loyalty for these Jawa fans who vow to make the old machine popular in the new world.

On International World Jawa Day (July 11), the first Jawa Yezdi Club in the north initiated by these three, showcase the old marvel along with other members of the group, and they also tell us why they feel old is gold. But before the trio goes on to explain the reasons behind their affinity, a crisp low down on the machine.

Jawa is a motorcycle manufacturer in the Czech republic, formerly Czechoslovakia. The name was created after its founder, Frantisek Janecek, bought the motorcycle division of Wanderer in 1929 (for their new 500 cc motorcycle engine), by concatenating the first letters of Janecek and Wanderer. Jawa is pronounced (roughly) ‘Yava’.

Over to the Jawa fans. "The Jawa brand of Czechoslovak origin was very popular on India bike scene from early 1960s till late 1980s," says Harpreet Singh Shergill, who works with CBSE. "The bike ruled the heart of young generation then, apart from being the first choice of doctors, defense personnel and bank officers." It was sold on premium for many years and was later rechristened as Yezdi with a punch line, 'Forever bike — Forever value

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